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Yowapeda High School Bicycle Club!!

/maybe you’re my love!/

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Zoro:Luffy this isn't our fight.
Luffy:ᕕ( ᐛ )___________________________ᕗ
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never forget that kinjou 

  • is considered popular and at least on the same level of attractiveness as imaizumi
  • legit thinks magic tricks are cool
  • stayed up late at night during the rlly intense training camp to sew a cute bab snake into the inside of his jersey but failed and had 2 redo it 
  • wears his sunglasses in the bath (maybe he’s rlly light sensitive???) 
  • should be protected at all costs he’s so precious 

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"Tanaka, stop making that face."

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the IGA grocery delivery person just delivered my doctors certificate to my house because I apparently left it on the conveyor belt at the supermarket. 

thats actually very sweet of them but wow i feel like a goofball

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more doc appointments, more pills, more headaches ;w;


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support young girls writing mary sue stories. support girls who create spaces for themselves where they can be anything they want. a world where they can be strong and smart and beautiful and everything else society tells then they can’t be

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